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Problem Solver since 2008


Methodology to Build Administrative or Legal Cases & Int’l Legal Assignments


Law Enforcement Equipment including Field Technology Solutions


Investigative Strategy & Negotiation Methodology

Results & Goal Achievements

Our Services

Our Services

CSI-EXPERTISE is fully committed to offer you consulting services which may take place in a variety of contexts including:


We are Licensed Private Investigators. Our network of International Experts is turning the investigation definition - “A Formal Inquiry or Systematic Study” - into a specific assignment to resolve clients’ issues.

Claim & File Setup

To win a claim or to settle a case in your favor, you need much more than luck! 


The result is based on what facts are collected and how arguments are tailored and presented to influence the decisions. 

International Private Law

On any complicated case, you need to hire a lawyer to defend your interest. But this attorney can bring you positive outcome only if they have got all the facts straight and sufficient ammunitions to impose your version of the facts.     


CSI-EXPERTISE can assist you to define a negotiation strategy per our expertise – to find the best angle to have the leverage in your favor – that will make the difference.

Crime Scene 
Investigation (CSI)

CSI-EXPERTISE’s co-founder has over twenty-seven (27) years of experience as a Crime Scene Investigator and Crime Scene Unit Supervisor with the City of Miami, Florida Police Department.

Law Enforcement Equipments

CSI-EXPERTISE is developing and offering a wide range of solutions dedicated to the law enforcement community, including situation assessment. 


Law Enforcement's Clients

CSI-EXPERTISE has already served the following agencies:

Ready to find out more?

CSI-EXPERTISE hiring process is designed to optimize efficiency at every steps:

  • As soon as you will contact us, we will define a secure way of communicating to avoid potential leaks.

  • The first introduction meeting will provide the necessary details to define if we can assist you and how we are offering to respond to your needs based on your demand. 

  • Our specialist(s) will submit you with a tailored plan and detailed quotation: No hidden fee.

  • As soon as our professional fees will be covered, a list of documents, information will be requested to get all the necessary facts. 

  • Upon receipt of its elements, a conference-call will be scheduled to discuss all provided piece of information.

  • Our team will implement the strategy to gather additional evidence to support and build your case.

  • Depending on the outcome of the assignments, additional meetings and brainstorming sessions would be scheduled to redefine the priorities.

  • Upon request, an exhaustive report will be communicated to you.

  • Per your request, we can put you directly in touch with selected professionals (Expert Witness, Attorney at Law, International Private Law, Translator/interpreter…) and/or facilitate the communication to present the facts to them in a clear and precise manner. 

C.S.I. three steps process: COLLECT / STRATEGIZE / INQUEST

1. COLLECT: To get Facts and Documents 

to Organize Your Case.

2. STRATEGIZE: To Sort all Gathered Information before Determinate the Strategy and Options based on Facts, Applying Rules and/or Jurisdiction(s).

3. INQUEST: To Deploy the Best Tools to Build your Case File: Investigations, International Law Analysis and/or File Presentation

“Mr. MARCHIORO is a true professional you can count on.”

Jeffrey S. Crane, PhD

Managing Director
DRAGON Discovery, Investigation Agency

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