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Founder & CEO

Besides being the CEO of CSI-Expertise since 2008, Burt MARCHIORO is also a State licensed Private Investigator and a member of the International Police Association (IPA).

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Burt is also the Former President of the Florida Chapter of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) and is the technical and project advisor to the Board of Directors of ongoing projects. Mr. MARCHIORO has received extensive Computer and Cellphone Forensics training, and has filed U.S. Patents for innovative and advanced Mobile Digital Forensics Laboratories.

Mr. MARCHIORO has honorably served in the French Special Forces in the paratrooper forces (13th RDP - Parachute Dragoon Regiment and 11th RPC - Shock Parachute Regiment aka 11ème Choc), and was assigned to the French Presidency. He has been recruited as a Federal Agent for the Gendarmerie Nationale and served as a police force (including undercover operations and negotiation tasks) with many recommendations, including a "Summons to the order of the Division" and an entry in the "Gendarmerie Nationale" Golden book. 

Mr. MARCHIORO is now a United States Citizen with more than two decades of residency during which time he founded and managed two successful consulting companies.

Several "Letters of Reference" pertaining to his professionalism are available upon request. 

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"Multiple Consulting Assignments" 

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