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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Fabrice Nelson has over 30 years of experience as a Crime Scene Investigator with the City of Miami Police Department located in South Florida. During his tenure there he was the lead CSI on many homicide investigations, Police Involved Shootings, Robberies, Sexual Battery Crimes, Burglaries, Domestic Violence and Traffic Homicide cases.

He will be able to review the crime scene report and the crime scene photographs for accuracy. He will determine if all the evidence collected (Projectiles, Casings, DNA, Blood etc..) were properly sent to the lab for analysis.  He will generate a report based on his findings. 

Our team can assist to analyze any Crime Scene's casefiles and/or to respond to any technical questions pertaining to a Crime Scene Investigation.

At CSI-EXPERTISE, we have the perfect knowledge on how facts and/or evidence must be presented or should have been presented.

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