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Law Enforcement Equipments

CSI-EXPERTISE are developing and offering a wide range of solutions dedicated to the law enforcement community, including situation assessment. 

The development or selection of our offered solutions are based on field results. 

Upon request, if you qualified to get access to our services, we can discuss your need.

CSI-EXPERTISE have proudly provided services in the United States of America and other countries worldwide, including prestigious Law Enforcement Agencies as follows:

  • Department of Homeland Security

  • Police Departments 

  • Sheriffs’ Offices

  • Royal Police Services (several British Overseas Territories)

  • National Crime Agency (NCA) in the United Kingdom 

  • And/or State Attorney’s Office.

One of the proposed solutions - designated as an “INTERVIEW ROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” (i.e. IRMS) initially designed for Law Enforcement Agencies - is also available for other Governmental Agencies and/or Private Organizations (Child Advocacy Centers, Human Resources, Private Investigators, Insurance Adjusters and other interrogation experts).

It is a platform including hardware (camera, microphone, station/server) and software (easiest-to-use interface), which is offering an interview recording solution to provide a RELIABLE and USER-FRIENDLY solution for all sizes of organizations and agencies.

This State-Of-The-Art equipment’s called CaseCracker is developed by an American manufacturer (based in Colorado, United States) who has been providing IRMS solutions with over 2000 agencies served globally. 

“As the pioneer for such forensic interview

solution, CaseCracker platform is setting the

 industry standard for more than two decades!”

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