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International Private Law 

Our Expertise in Int'l Claims*

Our consulting services may take place in a variety of contexts, including corporate litigations, international taxation law, international family law, international contracts & torts, NDA enforcement, international intellectual property law. 


Besides, our expert - Pr. FIORI-KHAYAT - Legal Adviser - may assist in reaching out to law firms and preparing the relevant documents/memo, to make the attorney's mission easier.

Mediation & Legal Strategy:


In most situations, an International principle states that you may not raise a claim without first trying to mediate with your opponent: "A bad agreement is better than a good trial" .


Our Consulting Firm will assist you to manage a mediation strategy to avoid a painful and expensive litigation. 

Forum Shopping:


A French client of a U.S. Consulting Firm presses criminal charges against the firm’s CEO in France, after losing all their trials in the United States.


Our Expert was able to advise the French Attorney of the CEO on the "Forum Shopping" fraud by drafting a detailed Memo on the issue.


They won and the CEO was found “not guilty” by the French Criminal Court.



An American citizen marrying a Spanish one. What should they do to make their marriage be fully enforceable in the spouses’ respective countries?


What if this marriage is possible in a spouse’s country but prohibited in the other spouse’s (think about same sex marriage)?


If this family decides to settle in a third country (let’s say France), what would the consequences be, should they have children (what would their citizenship(s) be?) or should they consider divorcing?


Here again, our expert will be more than happy to assist you in most international private law issues, especially when one or more European Union Member States are involved.

Int'l Contract:


When contracts are well drafted, the “Governing Law” and “Courts of Competent Jurisdiction” are well written, in a clear manner which leaves no room for ambiguity.


However, sometimes, the Do It Yourself mood indulges entrepreneurs to act as if they were lawyers, while they’re not.


Suffice it to say that it may lead (and will lead sooner or later) to international litigations which can be costly, time-consuming and generally turn out to be disasters for those who tried to draft these clauses themselves.


So, be pragmatic and ask our expert to either draft the contract in full, or at least, to thoroughly review it: Our expert will be glad to help



A Belgium woman marries an American businessman in NYC, the couple moves to Paris where their son is born, then the family moves to London where they have been living for two (2) years when the husband decides to divorce.


What is the applicable law and in which country should he act?  ​


You want to know the answer? Ask our expert, she’s here for that.

Sale Agreement:


A piano maker in Lyon (France) receives an order for five (5) prestigious pianos for a music institute in the suburbs of New York.


The Piano maker needs advice on the most appropriate choice of law to cover the sale and transportation. ​


Thrilled to discover which law is the most protective (spoiler: it is NOT the Convention on the International Sale of Goods)?


Well, our expert in Int'l Private Law has the answer… 

Foreign Passport Obtention:


A couple is divorced with one child.


The mother is French, the father is American.


The father has left France, where he was residing, for an unknown destination.


The mother stayed in France, and so did the child. She wishes to obtain French and American passports for her son.

Her ex-husband is nowhere to be found. How can she proceed to apply for a passport for her child?  ​


Here again, the CSI-EXPERTISE expert’s knowledge will be helpful, though she will double check the American Federal Laws issues with an American Lawyer.

Legal Options:

A client is getting divorced from a successful business man conducting Int'l trades in New York (USA), London (UK), Luxembourg (LUX) and Paris (FR).

The client knows they could be in the utmost poverty, if they fail to protect their due shares of assets.

Hence they need advice pertaining to the potential applicable laws to freeze Int'l assets.

Case-File Optimization:


Our Consulting Firm and our Expert in Int'l Law will Guide you to build your case file in a comprehensive way in order to present your arguments at their best.


This will save time to the attorney you will hire to litigate the case and to optimize the whole legal process.

Find the Adapted Attorney for your Case:

When your case file will be well organized (circumstance summary, facts, evidences, affidavits and any other details related to your argumentation), our Consulting Firm and our Expert in Int'l Law will Guide you to Find the Most Suitable Attorney(s) to Follow Up on your Case

Business Operations & Licenses

You internationally carry out a professional activity in a particular field.

You wonder if your next assignment is subject to specific regulations and/or requires obtaining a license dedicated to your activity. Our Private expert in In'l Law has the ability to assess your needs in order to assist you with the steps to bring your situation into compliance with the legislation and/or regulations in force.


CSI-EXPERTISE, Corp. is not a Law Firm.

We are not Attorney's, we do not Practice Law.

We do not Provide our Clients with Legal Advise, we Provide our Clients with an Unbiased Consulting Product and/or Detailed Memos pertaining to specific issues.  

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