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Claims & Files Setup

To win a claim or to settle a case in your favor, you need much more than luck! 


The result is based on what facts are collected and how arguments are tailored and presented to influence the decisions. Attorneys are succeeding if they got a clear vision of the case and all necessary arguments to defend yourself. 


CSI-EXPERTISE acts upstream of the procedure to compile an exhaustive file which will facilitate the understanding of the case and possible options while saving time in its exploitation.


The meticulosity on the construction of the case is crucial to attain satisfaction before filing or setting up a file. 

Our tailored methodology will fit all types of situations to optimize the outcome.


Through decades of experience, our experts will share their skills to assist you during the entire legal or administrative process to build your case or to support your claim appropriately. 


We are known to present ADVICE and SOLUTIONS that differentiate your case from being a good case to being recognized as a GREAT CASE.


It is our GOAL to make substantial IMPROVEMENTS to the performance of our client’s RESULTS.

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