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Initially designed for Law Enforcement Agencies, this Interview Room Management System (IRMS) is also available for other Governmental Agencies and/or Private Organizations (Child Advocacy Centers, Human Resources, Private Investigators, Insurance Adjusters and other interrogation experts).


It is a platform including hardware (camera, microphone, station/server) and software (easiest-to-use interface), which is offering an interview recording solution to provide a RELIABLE and USER-FRIENDLY solution for all sizes of organizations and agencies.


This State-Of-The-Art equipment’s called CaseCracker is developed by an American manufacturer (based in Colorado, United States) who has been providing IRMS solutions with over 2000 agencies served globally. 

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Law Enforcement:
Police and Sheriff Departments Nationwide use CaseCracker systems to improve investigative interview recording. 

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Child Advocacy Centers:
Across the country, child advocacy centers use CaseCracker systems for their high-quality forensic interview recording.

Federal Agencies:
Some of the most progressive federal agencies in the United States of America


Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement Agencies & Professional Centers

CaseCracker IRMS of Cardinal Peak Technologies is the system of choice for a variety of organizations and work environments, from small, local police departments to the FBI and the U.S. Department of Defense or Children's Advocacy Centers across the country.


This is because this system is both tough and versatile. It can handle thousands of hours of use and scale from a single interview room to sixteen per system.

CSI-EXPERTISE is proud to partner with

CaseCracker and to install their equipment since 2013.

“We have chosen to partner with Mr. Burt Marchioro, President of CSI-Expertise Corp., and his team to distribute our product both domestically and internationally.
Mr. Marchioro Background as former Federal Law Enforcement Agent combined with his expertise as a skilled and State Licensed Investigator, ensure he fully understands the needs of our customer base. 
On behalf of the CaseCreaker team, we are fortunate to have the benefit of his representation of CaseCracker.”

Tonya Clement, President

Cardinal Peak Technologies

CSI Interview Room Stationary.png


Stationary platform has been introduced to serve budget conscious departments looking to establish their interview room with one of the best solutions on the market for such forensic recording.

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To be efficient, such embedded interview recording system must offer full SECURITY features and performant RECORDING MANAGEMENT options, monitoring FILES INTEGRITY.

CSI Interview Room Portable.png


This portable solution is perfect for the organization that is looking to bring the interview room recording experience with them in the field. A lot of the same features, but in a portable package.


Interview Recording Made Simple:

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From a small Advocacy Center to a large Department of Defense Agency, 
CSI-EXPERTISE can support your IRMS needs
with a specific solution that works for your organization.


Key Features of the CaseCracker IRMS:

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IRMS CSI Interview Multiple Room Mosaic.png
IRMS CSI Interview Flagging Notes.png
IRMS CSI Interview Remote Start Stop.png
IRMS CSI Interview PIP.png
IRMS CSI Interview Metadata Viewing.png

Forensic Audio-Video Recording System dedicated to Children's Advocacy Center


If you work with juvenile victims, you know that the interview process can be tough—but vital. You need to make the most of your first interview to reduce the trauma of them reliving the experiencee while getting the critical information you need to deliver them justice.

Kid Painting

Children’s Advocacy Centers across the country trust the Interview Management System (IRMS) developed by CaseCracker and installed by CSI-EXPERTISE to capture the crisp, clear audio and video necessary to bring justice to child victims.


This "State Of The Art" system allows you to focus on your job, not the technology, because starting a recording is as simple as pressing a button.


No complicated start-up process means zero time wasted. Gone are the days of code words or triple-checking that your system is recording.


When you hit “Record,” an indicator light turns on to assure you it’s capturing everything you’re seeing and hearing.


Even power outages can’t stop this system to capture the action!


Burt MARCHIORO, the founder of CSI-EXPERTISE is personally involved as children of close relatives needed to be interviewed as child victims. 

Checking the electricity box


CSI-EXPERTISE (a company owned by a former LEO) is providing Installation and Local Assistance.   

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